How to get rid of clutter in your rent HDB property

hdb singaporeCan’t seem to find your car keys? Your kids’ books seem to be everywhere? Do you think it’s time you looked for a bigger rent HDB property? Though things may point this way, it’s not always that you need to look for some larger accommodation. Many a time you have no place at home just because the existing place is full of clutter and nothing else!

Yes, no matter how big, or small your rent HDB flat is, if you don’t organize your belongings, you slowly but surely end up with too much clutter to manage. You don’t know where your things are, nor do you know where you should put things away.

These tips should therefore prove helpful at your coming out of your predicament so that you end up with more space and in the process, improve the beauty of your home.

  • The first thing you need to do is clear out your desk as clean desks not only look better, but also increases your productivity. Then buy a strong filing cabinet or at least some portable file boxes which can store hanging file folders for better organization. Store desk supplies in an on-desk caddy or a drawer.
  • Similarly, you could consider installing some drawers or sliding shelves under your cabinet. This provides a great way of discreetly adding some drawer storage space if your existing rent HDB house has limited drawer space. With these drawers in place, you can easily get rid of all accumulated clutter on your kitchen counter or dining room table. For even more space, install some shelves under the cabinets to easily slide out when needed.
  • Just like you can improve your productivity by multi-functioning, you can increase the available space in your rent HDB property by investing in ‘multi-function furniture’ which also serve as storage units.

For example, a cedar chest may not only be used for storing blankets or clothing, but also make a great coffee table. Similarly, an antique chest of drawers improves the look of your living room and can also be used for storing linens, CDs or office supplies.


  • If you look around your flat, you will realize that there’s lots of wall space wasted, which can be used to good use. You can hang pegboards on the walls to store your tools, hang all your pots and pans on walls and even install a few shelves to store your CDs, books and small belongings.


  • Whether you know it or not, lots of space is ‘lost’ in a rent HDB flat. Use this space by creating additional storage options like installing a new cabinet or bookcase in the corners of dining rooms or on alcoves on either side of the fireplace. Instead of using lots of nails and screws, use construction adhesive like Liquid Nails and building supplies like MDF or bead board to build your shelves. For added attraction, you could perhaps add some facings and crown moldings on the edges.

These tips are so simple, you may in fact think why you’d never thought of it before! Just try out these tips and you will soon find you have so much extra space in your rent HDB wherein life just seems so much organized without any clutter!



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Choosing the right Singapore rental property

singapore rental propertyLooking for the right rental property takes top priority when you relocate to Singapore. It may not always be easy as you have to keep so many considerations in mind while looking for your ideal accommodation. Things get even more complicated if you have pets as you have to look for a home which permits animals.

The best place to start is through word of mouth suggestions. Ask your friends, relatives or even boss for some suggestions or at least real estate agents you can approach for help finding your Singapore rental property. You can also check out the local newspapers for listings.

Internet is a well of resources

If you don’t know anyone, you can always use the help of the internet. There are many sites listing out the various types of accommodation available in Singapore with its associated rates. You can look around to find something that fits your liking and budget.

Now you know where to look for your rental property, you need to establish some criteria to follow for your search. If you have pets and children, you need to look for accommodation where they permit pets. Many Singapore condos and HDB flat do not permit pets; so you need to avoid them.

Keep your child and pet in mind

If you have children, you need to look for accommodation located near their school, or at least some place where there is easy access to transportation for you kids to go to school. If you have a baby, it’s better to look for a place with a druggist and clinic nearby as you never know when your child will fall ill. You never know when you may need some medicine or treatment in the middle of the night!

If you have no pets or children, you naturally need to look for accommodation near your office. Sometimes, even if the rent is on the high side, Singapore rental homes located near your office are a better choice as you save money and time travelling to and from your office.

It’s even better if your rental flat is situated near a supermarket for your grocery shopping or at least near local stores where you can get buy emergency food stuffs. Having wet markets nearby also ensure you have your regular supply of fresh local products without having to travel someplace else.

Living near Changi airport

If you have a travelling job, you might consider living someplace near Changi airport so that you can save lots of time and money travelling to the airport on a regular basis. In fact, if this is the case, it’s also better you look for your child’s schooling some place in the vicinity as you save money this way in the long run.

Once you make your choice based on all these factors, your landlord will prefer you above other candidates if you state that you will be a long-term tenant. This is because landlords feel better and more secure with good, long-term tenants renting out their Singapore rental place. Even having good references and employment proof show renters you are the tenant they want. Remember, making yourself attractive to your landlord ensures you get the rental you are looking for!



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Room Rental Filipino tips worth knowing in Singapore

Room Rental FilipinoSingapore is a beautiful country for both leisure and employment. However there is one aspect about Singapore expats need to know that though property values may drop, it’s not cheap in Singapore when compared to other neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. So you need to do some research to find an affordable room for rent for Filipino.

First of all, it’s better to avoid using the help of real estate agents to find your room rental Filipino. This is because landlords who use agents to find tenants for their property have to pay the agent at least half a month’s rent if they find a tenant.

Sharing a flat is a good idea

Moreover you the tenant will also have to pay the agent or the landlord’s agent an additional month’s rent for their services. All this increases the cost of the Singapore room for rent. This is why it’s better to avoid agents and use the classified websites to find your apartment. There are many sites online you can visit to know about the many rooms and apartments for rent in Singapore.

As Filipinos are close knit people, you could also consider sharing a flat with other Pinoys. Instead of looking for a room, you can look for flats others are subletting. This is not only a cheaper option, you also have other Pinoys to keep you company and you can even cook or do things together in your free time so that you don’t get that homesick.

Little Philippines

Moreover, while looking for your room rental Filipino, look for one in Lucky Plaza or its vicinity. Not only are the rates cheaper here, Lucky Plaza is a great place for a Pinoy to gain your bearings on weekends.

Lucky Plaza becomes ‘Little Philippines’ on weekends where you can find great Pinoy friends to hang out with, Filipino restaurants serving authentic Filipino food and many shops selling Filipino goods. So if you get homesick quickly, Lucky Plaza is the place to head for and perhaps rent your room!

While searching for your room for rent for Filipino through websites, do ensure you look at photographs and know exactly where it’s located in Singapore. Properties which look too good to be true are better avoided and if any landlord asks for money upfront just to show the place, there is a high chance it’s a fraud.

Be careful and ask friends for help

There have been cases of landlords duping people, and not only Pinoys by asking for a full year’s rent in advance to secure the place only to abscond with the money and not give you the place. So be careful while looking for your room rental Filipino as if you get caught in such a situation, the police can’t do much about it as it’s a ‘civil matter’. If you make payments, pay with crossed checks so that only the landlord can cash them.

Then again, you can always ask some friend or family for suggestions for a room for rent for Filipino. With so many Pinoys already living in Singapore, someone will definitely know about available accommodation and will be more than ready to help find a room to rent for you!


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Singapore room rental agreement

rental agreement singaporeWhile your real estate agent helped you find your room in Singapore, the following guide should give you a rough idea of what to expect in a Singapore room rental agreement or tenancy agreement.
The landlord or their agent prepares the agreement dictating their obligation to lease the property to the tenant. It is prepared based on a standard room rental template and has to be signed by both the tenant and the landlord. While all legal fees associated with the room rental tenancy agreement has to be borne by the tenant, if no amendments are made to it, there hardly are any fees to pay.
The tenant has to give the landlord a copy of their passport and identification pass and if they are foreigners, their employment pass. The landlord has to verify and ensure the tenant can stay in Singapore as the landlord will be held responsible for renting out their premises to illegal immigrants.
The tenant has to carefully read the contract and clear any doubts before signing it. Once the room rent contract is signed, the tenancy has to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit (minus the booking amount paid to the landlord while signing the Letter of Intent).
Some common terms and conditions
1. Security deposit- This is the amount to be paid for each standard lease term. It usually amounts to a month’s rent for an annual lease and two months’ rent for a two year lease to be paid before occupying the premises and after signing the tenancy agreement. It is refundable and returned to the tenant at the end of the lease as long as there are no payment dues and everything in the premises is left in the agreed condition.

2. Inventory of contents- This is a list of all the furniture and fittings in the rental property and its condition at the time of lease. It is a supplement of the tenancy agreement and has to be signed by the tenant while moving into the property indicating that the landlord has provided everything mentioned in the list. The landlord signs it when the tenant vacates the premises, indicating that everything in the list is intact, and in the same condition as at the start of the lease.

3. Lease duration- Room rental tenancy agreements in Singapore usually span between one and two years and can be renewed for a similar duration if the tenant and landlord mutually agree to do so. The rent amount may change based on the market rate at the time of renewal.

4. Diplomatic or escape clause- Based on the tenant’s and landlord’s mutual understanding this clause may or may not be included in the rental agreement. It protects the tenant if they lose the job or is transferred overseas by their employer and has to break the lease by giving a month’s notice on completing a year.

There however should be some proof of relocation or job loss like a letter from the employer. This clause is usually applied in a two year lease but may also be included in a one year lease agreement if the landlord agrees.
Besides all this, the standard room rental template does not permit pets or subletting of the rental property but depends on the landlord. The tenant need not discuss these details as the agent does all this on the tenant’s behalf.

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5 rented apartment decorating tips without breaking rules

So you’ve shifted into your rented apartment, and are wondering what you can do to spruce up its interiors. It’s not so easy decorating your rental as there are so many rules you need to abide with. For example, you are not allowed to paint, add tiles, hammer in nails and do anything permanent.

However it’s not necessary that you live in a dull home because of these rules. There are a few but big impact and low commitment decorating ideas you can implement to your home and be proud of your home even if it’s a rental.renoHome

  1. Spice up the place with accessories

Though you can’t paint your home or add tiles to beautify it, you can show your personality using all types of fun accessories. For example you can add a personal touch to your home by adding cushions, lighting, covers and even books where required.

Choose to use only accents which relate to you by reflecting your style. To top it all, you need not worry about spending money buying these accessories, as you can take them with you when you move out to use in your next home!

  1. Alternative wallpaper

White walls don’t look nice or attractive in homes. Homes look better with color, pattern and texture. As you can’t paint your walls, use these alternative options to brighten it up. Use wall decals which come in various sizes, shapes and patterns to personalize your space.

With so many wall decals to choose from, you are sure to find something suiting your personality. Removable wallpaper adds instant life to any living space as they can be easily waxed on when required, and removed like a sticker when you move out!

You can make a statement and reflect your style on plain walls with gallery displays. Command hooks make for easy installation and removal of photo frames as required.

  1. Add greenery

Plants are great for adding life to an apartment, with minimal maintenance effort. Place some potted plants or terrariums to make your apartment feel like home. If you don’t have the time or patience to look after real plants, fake plants will do as they create the same effect!

  1. Additional storage space

You can’t think of getting customized cabinets for your rental if you don’t own it. To top it all, most rentals lack storage space. This doesn’t mean you still can’t’ get your additional storage space to store your belongings!

You can maximize space using affordable DIY bookcases, wall shelves and vertical storage like hanging boxes. Baskets also serve as great mobile storage options to be used for storing magazines and books, or a general clutter box.

  1. Add colors

Adding colors throughout the apartment is a great way to turn an apartment into a home. You can use anything to add this color like throw pillows and area rugs which can also be easily changed if and when you get bored of seeing the same colors all the time!

Whatever you do to spruce up your home, remember to return the apartment to its original state when you move out. The best way to do this is to take pictures of the home when you’d first moved in so that you needn’t keep wondering what your home looked like when you move out!


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Getting your Singapore condo rental ready

The rental market in Singapore has greatly flourished in the past, recent years. Both the demand and supply for private rental units has increased, so it helps if you prepare your Singapore condo rental using these tips, so that it stands apart from the

  • The first thing you need to do about your Singapore condo rental is to consider all the pros, cons and legal factors of your being a landlord. You need to find out if there are any rules and regulations you need to follow to rent your condo and if you need to get permission from the condo management.
  • It’s better and easier for you if you hire a Singapore property agent to help you with renting out your condo. Carry out background checks on potential tenants will be their job. They need to do this to ensure the tenants are safe and financially capable of renting your place. Your agent will also be responsible for drawing up all the legally binding tenancy agreements after you discuss al the related factors. It is also the agent’s job to proceed with, and handle the rest of the rental process.
  • So you’ve chosen your tenant, which means you are through with only a part of the rental process. The next thing you need to do is to thoroughly inspect your home before your tenant arrives to check for any defects. Any defects like leaky faucets, faulty plumbing, cracked tiles, exposed electrical wiring and burnt-out bulbs have to be repaired as soon as possible. By doing all this, you make your tenant feel confident about you and your condo, who will also feel comfortable moving in.
  • Besides ensuring everything is in working and in tip-top order, you also need to take a look at its safety. Pay special attention to the room your tenant will be sleeping in. Check to ensure that the room has smoke detectors and that all tis electrical wiring is in working condition. This way your tenant will be assured that no part of your home poses like a safety hazard to them. You could perhaps install a fire extinguisher in your home for added security, along with ensuring all your kitchen appliances work well.
  • Lastly, remember that cleanliness is always next to godliness, especially when you are opening and renting your Singapore condo rental to someone. So make your tenant as comfortable as possible in your condo by keeping it as clean as possible. Remember that a dirty house is an instant turn-off; so if required, repaint your walls and ensure all carpets and floors free from dust and dirt. All your fixtures and appliances should also be grime-free. You can use the help of disinfectant wipes and sprays, and home fragrances to keep all the dirt and odors of your house at bay.

Now that your Singapore condo rental is ready, you can confidently hand it over to your tenant. They will have nothing to complain about, and you are assured a monthly rent for as long as the rental agreement!

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Help at renting houses or apartments in Singapore

Singapore is a small city with huge opportunities. With this job you require accommodation in Singapore, so you naturally go about looking for rental houses and apartments. As you are new to the real estate scene in Singapore, its better using these tips for help at renting houses and apartments.singapore flatsdb

  • The first thing you need to do is find a good agent, a person or company, to help you. While you can use the help of the internet to find these agents, if you have friends or colleagues in Singapore, you can always get their reference too.
  • You now have to decide where you want to stay. You can use Google Maps to narrow down the location for your rental flat. On an average, any place with 45-60 minutes of commute from your work place, schools and home is quite common in Singapore. This means that if you have children, you need to first choose your kids’ school and then decide where you want to stay.
  • You also have to decide in advance the amount you can comfortably pay as rent for a flat in Singapore. It’s better keeping 5-10% allowance, in case you find something really good for you.
  • With Singapore offering HDB, Condo and Landed Property facilities, use this point to narrow down your search. This is important as you don’t go searching for both HDB and Condos.
  • Look for accommodation with a bus stop nearby and an MRT station which is not more than 3-4 bus stops away. Also check all the facilities near your flat like market, a pharmacy and a grocery store.
  • It’s important you rent only approved units with stamped agreements. Always hold frank and open discussions with your agent before finalizing the deal, to avoid trouble later on.
  • Never make hasty attempts to finalize a deal just because an agent or broker is pressurizing you. Don’t worry, there are sufficient flats both HDB and Condo in Singapore for you, with no need of hurrying.
  • If you have chosen your accommodation, make sure you first check the flat before finalizing the deal and signing the contract. Check and ensure all the lighting, furniture, fittings, electronics and cabinetry are in working condition. Also click a photograph of the chosen flat as proof of its condition for your and the owner’s records.
  • Do not sign any contracts until you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions mentioned in it. In case you have any doubts, clarify it by someone who understands the contract before signing it.
  • As a general rule, you need to pay 6 months’ advance rent if you are renting the property for 6 months. However if you are signing a 12 months contract, one month advance rent is enough and in case of a 2 year contract, 2 months of advance rent. Don’t pay more, even if the owner offers to lower the monthly rent. If the owner persists, and you feel something is amiss, it’s better to back out.
  • Last, but not least, it’s better to not pay anything in cash to the owner or agent. Use cheques, Cashier’s order for savings accounts or bank transfers for your own safety.

These tips will make renting houses or flat in Singapore such a cinch!


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4 Tips for renting an HDB flat

SIngapore_rentalIt is not that easy for a Singapore citizen to rent an HDB flat in Singapore as there are some strict guidelines to be followed to do this. The main thing to remember is that Singapore citizens owning an HDB flat can rent out the flat only after they get a written letter of approval from HDB.

So if you are thinking of renting an HDB flat, make sure you ask to see a copy of this approval letter from HDB to the flat owner. In your interest, it’s always better to include a condition in the subletting contract stating that the contract lasts only as long as the owner has an approval to sublet from HDB. Also please note that owners who are Singapore Permanent Residents are not permitted or allowed to rent out their HDB flat.

  1. Subletting quota for non-citizens (NC)

In case a non-Malaysian non-citizen subtenant plans to rent the flat, it’s advised that they check and find out more about the Non-Citizen Subletting Quota for the block and neighbourhood where the flat is located.

They have to check and find out if this quota has reached its limit before signing any subletting contract. The phrase ‘non-Malaysians non-citizens’ here apply to Singapore Residents and foreigners and excludes Malaysians for both groups.

  1. Flat ownership proof

It’s for your safety that you ensure the person you are dealing with is indeed the rightful owner of the flat, and that they are eligible to sublet the flat. The best way to check on this is by having the flat owner show you the copy of the HDB’s eligibility confirmation for the owner.

  1. About paying rent and deposit

You generally have to pay your rent on a monthly basis where the first payment should be made on the day the tenancy starts. Consequently, the next payments should be made on the same day the next month.

In most cases, the deposit amount to be paid has to equal a month’s rent in case of a one-year tenancy contract. In case of a two year tenancy contract, the deposit should be equal to two months’ rent.

The deposit amount has to be paid after signing the tenancy agreement, along with the first month’s advance is not at all advised to pay more than a month’s rent and for your safety and proof of having made payment, pay the rent and deposit amounts via cheque. Moreover, it’s not advised to move into the flat immediately after you receive your keys.

  1. No mediation on any disputes between the flat owner and subtenant

As all matters related to subletting tenancy like payment or forfeiture of deposits, rental amount, subletting periods and right to tenancy termination are all private matters to be discussed only between the subtenant and owner, HDB will not mediate or intervene if any dispute arises because of these matters.

This is why it’s important that both the flat owner and subtenant carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions listed in the tenancy agreement before signing anything.

With the help of these 4 tips, you will be able to carefully and wisely rent an HDB flat for your stay in Singapore!

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Be careful! Scammers favourite tricks when asking to rent your room

Many scammers are smart and most of them are residing overseas and telling you they like your room and will book the room with a deposit. After that, you will receive an fake email from paypal and informs you have received the money from someone (scammer). But before release the payment, PayPal requires you wire amount of money to that scammer.  Below is a  typical conversation for this trick, read it and you will understand how they play the tricks.

Below is the first email from scammer who claims to pay you deposit first


Funds Are on the Way!Hello NAME,

You have just been sent a payment for rent. The fund has been deducted from the account of Tran Thi Kim and it has been legally confirmed. You will receive the money in your PayPal Account in about 3-5 working days. We’ll email you when this fund has been processed into your PayPal Account. You are to reply back to this payment notification for any further information regarding your transaction.


Transfer Details:
Amount: $2,345.00 SGD
Transaction ID:

Payment Details:
Sender: Tran Thi Kim
Subject: You’ve got money!



NEVER give your password to anyone, including PayPal employees. Protect yourself against fraudulent websites by opening a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and typing in the PayPal URL every time you log in to your account.


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If you don’t want to be notified when someone sends you money, you can edit your preferences by logging in to your PayPal account, going to your Profile, and clicking “Notifications”.

Copyright © 1999-2012 PayPal. All rights reserved.

Customer advisory- PayPal Pte. Ltd., the holder of PayPal’s stored value
facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Europe.
Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully


And you will receive the second email in the next day from a fake PayPal

Your Fund is Now Available!

Hello Your Name:
We will like to tell you that We have processed your money and it is now available and ready to be released into your Account. But in the PayPal transfer form filled by your tenant, We detected that the payment is for Deposit and Shipment of her personal stuffs from USA. We have confirmed in the PayPal transfer form filled that she added Mover Agent fee of $745.00 SGD to what was paid. You will deduct the Western Union/Moneygram Money Transfer charges. Therefore, Our Security Department and our User Protection Policy suggested that you are to wire the Mover Agent Fee now and send us the proof (Scanned Copy of the transfer receipt) for Verification so that we can be sure that both you and your tenant are very safe. Your money will be released into your account immediately after we verify that the fee has truly been transferred. This transaction was already processed and it cannot be reversed.



Transfer Details:
                                Sender:     Tran Thi Kim
                Transfer Method:     Auto Bank Transfer
  Total Amount: $2,345.00 SGD             
Transaction ID: 03B15247598221109

Fund Status:


This is what you are going to do, you have to go to the nearest Western Union or Moneygram Agency and advance the Mover’s Company fee of $645.00 SGD to the address given below:

Surname:       Jin
Given Name:  Feng
Address:        1001, Wanfu Rd, Yuexiu,
Province:       Guangdong,
Postal Code: 518104
Country:        China.



and send us the Western Union/Moneygram Transfer Receipt given to you at the Western Union/Moneygram Office with:
(1) Sender’s First name (given name) and Last name (surname); 
(2) Receiver’s Name; 
(3) Transaction Reference Number; 
(4) Amount Sent;NOTE: We are going to release your whole money immediately into your PayPal Account after you have sent us the Western Union/Moneygram Details and you will be able to use your fund instantly.




NEVER give your password to anyone, including PayPal employees. Protect yourself against fraudulent websites by opening a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and typing in the PayPal URL every time you log in to your account.

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If you don’t want to be notified when someone sends you money, you can edit your preferences by logging in to your PayPal account, going to your Profile, and clicking “Notifications”.
Copyright © 1999-2012 PayPal. All rights reserved.
PayPal Email ID PP1525

And you will receive the third warning email a few days later from the scammer

Money Transfer Details Needed!
Protect Your Account Info
Make sure you never provide your password to fraudulent websites.

To access the PayPal website or your account safely and securely, open a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the PayPal URL ( to be sure you are on the real PayPal site.

PayPal will never ask you to enter your password in an email.

To learn more about protecting yourself from fraud, visit the Security Center. Click “Security Center” at the bottom of any PayPal page


Dear Bin Wen,

Thank you for using PayPal.
Note that PayPal verifies member’s account on a regular basis, this transaction ID: 03B15247598221109 has been verified and approved by PayPal Authority.
We will like you to know that this is a One-Way Transfer and it is irreversible as part of the measures to stop fraud. Many fraudsters would transfer money to another person and will want to stop the transfer after they have already received goods or services. We have to protect both you and the other party.
Therefore, You are now mandated to send the total sum of $645.00 SGD via Western Union/Moneygram Money Transfer through or you can find the nearest office to Western Union/Moneygram Office by following this respective links:  or  Insert you address in the space and it will reveal the names and addresses of the Moneygram Money Transfer agents closest to you and forward us the transfer details such as:

1) Sender’s Name
2) Sender’s Address
3) Sender’s Country, State, City and postal Code
4) Reference Number(Transfer Number)

Receiver’s Information: 

Surname:       Jin
Given Name:  Feng
Address:        1001, Xinhie Road, Shenzhen,
Province:       Guangdong,
Postal Code: 100007,
Country:         China.



A Message from FlatsDB:
Call Paypal customer service or 911 if you have find any suspicious transactions.

P.S:  This conversation is a real case provided by one of FlatsDB users. Appreciate him to contribute his valuable experiences to this community!

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Guaranteed Service For FlatsDB Room Owners

In an effort to offer effective service to our users, FlatsDB has introduced a host of new features that will make your experience on the website easier and more fulfilling.

1. Guaranteed Service


With this feature, room owners only have to make one payment and their property is listed and featured until it is rented. This feature has no time limitation and contains all services available from FlatsDB. This means, your ad is highlighted and is labeled for as long as your room is vacant. Other special features of this service include:

  • Your ad is placed on multiple leading classified websites,
    If you welcome agents to help rent your room or apartment,
  • Over 6,000 agents using Facebook get to see your ad
  • 50 agents within the property’s district will receive an SMS that your property is up for grabs

Some of the reasons why the guaranteed service from FlatsDB is the ideal solution for you include:

  • You are guaranteed to receive over 300 views a week (this is 10 times what you get from ordinary listing) increasing your chances of getting a tenant tenfold
  • A combination of three plans (up to $65) in one: Featured Ad ($32.9/month), Highlighted Ad ($14.9/month) and Label Ad ($16.9/month) for $49.9 for an UNLIMITED duration
  • While purchasing each package separately will cost you up to $70 a month, the guaranteed service costs you $49.9 no matter the length of time the ad is live on FlatsDB
  • And your ad will be promoted on the internet by FlatsDB

How it works

FlatsDB’s guaranteed service will feature your ad across all the districts during the first 2 weeks and later your ad is moved to selected districts while highlighted and labeled until someone grabs your property. If your room is still not rented out within a month, you will receive an email from us to extend your guaranteed service for FREE.

2.    Email Notification

As a valued client of FlatsDB, you get the option of receiving email alerts directly to your inbox. There are a few types of notifications, all these notifications give you more insights about your ad performance on FlatsDB, so it would be easier for you to decide if you need to optimize your ad in order to get more calls from potential tenants.

Try and experience these new features and you will see just how easy it is to get tenants for your property on FlatsDB. 

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